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Market praises Corticeira Amorim

Stakeholders have a positive perception of sustainability 

CORTICEIRA AMORIM considers that competitiveness and long-term value creation require the knowledge and understanding of the factors valued by stakeholders. It is in this context that it has led consultation processes with some of the key stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, media, official and government entities and partners and civil society. The results below refer to the stakeholder consultation conducted in 2011.

The views and concerns of stakeholders are essential for the validation of the strategic options of CORTICEIRA AMORIM, as well as for gauging the initiatives that must be developed in order to align the organisation with the market. CORTICEIRA AMORIM has been developing since 2009, in order to understand the expectations of stakeholders, a consultation process with stakeholders which takes into account the methodological references of AccountAbility. The results of these consultation processes have been considered in the implementation of the sustainability strategy of CORTICEIRA AMORIM, particularly regarding the management of non-financial matters through the development of initiatives, as well as monitoring and reporting on the performance indicators.

Themes most valued

Research, development and innovation is the most relevant topic for the stakeholders of CORTICEIRA AMORIM. The most important issues for stakeholders in the environmental field are: energy efficiency, global warming, environmental and forest management certification, materials, waste and pollutant management. In the social field, employment and human resources management, the impact on local community and occupational hygiene and safety issues are the most important.