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Management Approach

Management Approach

One of CORTICEIRA AMORIM's core values is human resource motivation and creating the conditions for the organisation's success alongside its employees.  The Group companies, in order to ensure the effective management of the environmental and social components, steered to the achievement of the strategic objectives, have implemented the policies and management systems that are best suited to the non-financial risks that their activities bear.

The policies adopted by CORTICEIRA AMORIM reflect a set of voluntary commitments by the company in the area of ethics and economic, environmental and social responsibility. They embody, as a whole, the set of voluntary responsibilities assumed by the various companies under the scope of a management model that sets out responsible competitiveness.

In the area of corporate social responsibility, which includes health and safety, CORTICEIRA AMORIM undertakes the responsibility to develop the qualifications and competences of employees, providing them with a motivating, healthy and safe working environment;

The ongoing investments made in the area of Health, Hygiene and Safety, Employee training, the review of safety plans, monitoring their effectiveness or suitability regarding potential new risks, are the main lines of action in this field. In the area of occupational health and safety, the Business Units have implemented occupational health and safety plans.  Certification according to international standard OSHAS 18001 has also been awarded to one unit (see table).