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Energy Consumption

2013 was marked by a decline, albeit slight, in energy consumption. However, given the increased use of electricity resulting from the automation of some production processes - with consequential impacts in terms of productivity and competitiveness gains - the non-increase of consumption already reflects, by itself, the work that has been pursued in all the BU in terms of energy efficiency. However, it was still possible to reduce energy consumption. This is a remarkable achievement, driven by various initiatives and investments in areas such as:

  • lighting (indoor and outdoor);
  • new generation motors;
  • thermal energy and boilers operation;
  • optimisation of compressed air;
  • upgrade of the Energy Management System;
  • thermofluid systems;
  • thermal insulation of infrastructures and equipment.

Currently, and in line with what has been presented, biomass (an energy source considered neutral in terms of CO2 emissions) satisfies 60% of the energy needs of Corticeira Amorim.