Programa Amorim Escolha Natural Sustentável por Natureza
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Chairman's Message

Management of Corporate Sustainability

The vision of sustainable development requires a profound change in the production and consumption patterns that characterise the modern world. The contribution from the business sector includes the adoption of a management model with a set of new environmental and social responsibilities that can simultaneously be translated into new business opportunities.

At CORTICEIRA AMORIM, the integration of sustainability is born from the conviction that the contribution of businesses to sustainable development has a positive impact on the company's results.

An assumption that is especially valid for CORTICEIRA AMORIM, which develops its business based on cork - a 100% natural raw material that is cyclically extracted from trees without damaging them, and which promotes the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification, and which also enhances the conservation of one of the world's 34 biodiversity hotspots.

Our contribution to sustainable development also lies in the exercise of responsible use, in the adoption of eco-efficient technologies and processes, as well as support to the surrounding communities. This contribution is even more relevant if we consider the result of our activity: a set of products that combines sustainability and specialised high performance for use in areas as diverse as the wine industry, construction, transportation, aerospace, aeronautics and footwear, among others.

CORTICEIRA AMORIM, through the use of advanced technologies, and based on the organisation's strong strategic commitment to Innovation & Development, has been strengthening its position as world leader with the launch of product ranges of high technical and environmental performance, in response to an increasingly more demanding market that is ever more aware of the environmental and social responsibility of businesses. In actual fact, never has society been so aware of the environmental problems arising from its consumption options as it is today.

The growth of our business units and the positive developments of the main economic and financial indicators of CORTICEIRA AMORIM reflect greater receptivity to cork products, in recognition of their sustainable advantages in the economic, environmental and social fields. In the national and international arena, numerous opinion leaders from a variety of fields describe the cork industry and cork oak forests as a genuine example of sustainable development, due to the positive impact generated on society and communities, as well as the economic prosperity and set of environmental services essential to human well-being.

We believe in the uniqueness of our activity - which is considered exemplary in terms of sustainable development - and we reiterate our commitment to sustainability as a strategic pillar of the Company's operations, seeking to be an example of excellence in terms of responsible competitiveness.

António Rios de Amorim,